Christmas Card Timeline Tips

Hey there, busy mamas of Nashville! If your holiday to-do list is already longer than Santa's naughty and nice list, let's add a little sparkle without the stress. Imagine this: while others are frantically running around, you're sipping cocoa, feet up, admiring your beautifully designed Christmas cards. How's this possible? It's all about nabbing your spot in our enchanting Nashville Santa sessions NOW. Why? Well, while they say the early bird catches the worm, we're here to tell you the early mom catches the magic! Christmas cards aren't like fine wine; they don't get better with age. Secure your spot in our sleigh (I mean, session) and dodge the December rush. Trust us, if you wait, you might just find the milk and cookies gone, and your fellow moms decking their halls with stunning cards while you're dashing through the snow of last-minute chaos. Don't wait till your tinsel's in a tangle—reserve your spot today, and let's sleigh this holiday season together!

1. Pre-fall: Get Inspired and Plan

  • Start thinking about the style and theme you want for your Christmas cards. Browse online for inspiration and ideas.
  • Decide whether you want to take new photos for the cards or use existing ones.
  • Plan your card's design, including any personalized messages or family updates.

2. Mid-November: Photo Session

  • If you're taking new photos, schedule a family photo session with a photographer. Make sure to allow time for photo editing and selection.

3. Late November: Photos and Card Designs

  • Once you receive the edited photos, choose the ones you want to use for the cards.
  • Begin designing your Christmas cards. Many online card services offer customizable templates.

4.  Late November: Order Christmas Cards

  • Order your Christmas cards online or through a local printing service. Keep in mind that printing and shipping times may vary.
  • Consider ordering a few extra cards for last-minute additions or for keepsakes.

5. After delivery: Prepare and Address

  • As your cards arrive, review them to ensure they match your design and photo selections.
  • Start addressing envelopes, or consider using a printing service for envelope printing.

6. First of December: Assemble and Send

  • Assemble your Christmas cards, including adding a family update or personalized message.
  • Stamp and seal the envelopes.
  • Aim to have your cards ready for mailing by the first week of December to ensure they arrive on time.

Remember that timelines can vary based on your specific circumstances and location, so it's a good idea to work backward from your desired mailing date. Planning ahead and staying organized will help you breeze through your first Christmas card season with joy and ease. Happy holiday card crafting!

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